Futuring your business

Companies are inundated with software, apps and specialists telling them what to do.  But Ophis can tell you when to do it.  Ophis provides next-generation business planning, the science of informed decision-making, a service technology tailored to specific client requests.  Ophis' one-of-a-kind search algorithms will provide the most advantageous and profitable times to-  

  • buy, sell or trade
  • increase advertising
  • approach a difficult prospect
  • settle a legal dispute
  • hire good employees
  • make important announcement
  • submit a bid
  • negotiate a contract
  • expect a development
  • break an unproductive cycle

Stop making uninformed decisions. Rely on Ophis to see opportunities and gains you've been missing.

Several species of pattern-recognition systems are combined to build the Ophis search algorithms- PREPS, or Pattern Recognition Event Prediction System,  allowing Ophis to see problems from a different vantage point and offer cheap, quick solutions. 

Traditional models of guesswork are not enough.  In today's business world you must eliminate uncertainty.  Ophis is a one-of-a-kind consultation service working to provide you the exact future dates you need to know, employing state-of-the-art pattern recognition systems that empower businesses to navigate more accurately into their own future affairs.  

Sustainable business growth requires that companies see farther. Ophis clients secure a competitive advantage by knowing when to act in advance

Ophis search algorithms provide customized solutions for clients and companies, guiding them through indecision to provide the most profitable and advantageous days to perform or render a decision.    Stop making uninformed decisions.  Open an Ophis account and begin seeing opportunities and gains you've been missing. 

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Event-Prediction Technology Beyond Pattern Recognition

see farther, know more

Remove the Blindfold

  Without vision we are unable to move forward.  While we may not be last, our inability to see ahead guarantees that we will never be first.  As opportunities arise they will be spotted by others, blindness sapping our initiative.  Where the eyes go the body follows, but eyes unable to see will lead you nowhere.   In business we create problems by making blind decisions.  We often spend more money than we're making, waste time we cannot afford and pass up opportunities by not recognizing them.  


  Do you have too many uncertain choices?  Eliminate dead ends with Ophis.  In securing you the highest probabilities for success, results are all that matter.   

 If you can't solve a problem it's because you're playing by the rules- Paul Arden.  

  Making an important decision or acquisition? Acquiring maximum advantage is secured by taking action on the right days.   Read Knowing When to Act.  

Don't Let This Be You

  Don't shoot arrows in the dark...guessing is the same as gambling.  Read Minimize Your Risks.  

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If you can write a tweet then you will have no problem requesting our unique service.  Several examples of business and personal predictions requests are provided at the link below.

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